Laught is… miraculous! It lifts your mood and shields your health. It strengthens the immune system and increases longevity. The laugh is the best… medicine. Learn why:

This “magic filter” is a quick and effective mood enhancer that improves the feeling of well-being. It protects us from stress and depression. Laughing often is really the best medicine for your health.


Set as a goal a good act daily!


New research confirms the benefits of laught in various systems of our body. They show that laughing often and enjoying it is the best medicine you can give yourself. Here’s why:

It relaxes the muscles

A good laugh can have a relaxing effect and help you eliminate tension from your musculoskeletal system for the next 45 minutes, which is a good measure of preventing grip and pain.

It reduces stress hormones

It stimulates the immune system because it reduces stress hormones that at high levels deplete the body’s defense and increases antibodies that shield the body against disease.

An antidote to depression

It protects from depression, because it increases the levels of endorphins, which are good chemicals in the body that are an antidote to depression, while it relieves pain symptoms.

Against stress

It relieves stress, which is one of the most aggravating factors in health as it can trigger illnesses and worsen the existing ones.

Ally of the heart

It protects the heart, because it reduces anger, a feeling known to burden the heart. Angry people have been reported to suffer from cardiovascular disease more often.

It helps in longevity

It gives years of life. This is supported by Norwegian research which has shown that life expectancy for those who laugh was greater even for people with cancer.

So there are many benefits to laughing. That’s why you should laugh often. Laugh more, more often and more loudly. Laugh out loud and enjoy it!


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