Human relationships are sometimes very difficult. It applies not only to the relationship between a couple but also to other relationships, such as friendly relationships, family and even professional relationships. The secret to keeping things running smoothly is to keep no harm in anyone. Whatever you said, no matter how unfair it was. Learn to forgive, because life is so beautiful!

Put the selfishness aside

In the game of a brawl, a disagreement or a “broken” relationship, the protagonist is usually selfishness. This supposed “weapon”, which we consider to be our “shield”. We must put aside this “ally” in every injustice and every complaint. Nothing is corrected by selfishness, because the outcome will be worse than you think. Learn to forgive by removing this word from your mind.

Learn to forgive

Talking and listening carefully in a fight is better. The essence is not in who will be the winner of the case. The essence is to clear things up and find a solution to the problem. Remember to be human, speaking, with dialogue and forgiveness.

If the wound is so big…

The difficulty in saying “sorry” is in actually feeling it. We heard many apologies. Even from the passerby, who was in a hurry and hit you on the shoulder, saying a hasty “sorry”. You must say the word “sorry”, knowing that you are pure and calm within yourself. Knowing that the other looks you in the eyes because he/she understands you. And if, then, the wound is as big as a hole in the horizon, forgive. Because love, friendship and respect will become even more important in your relationship.

Give it a second, even a third chance…

By giving opportunities we let the other understand that we are here because we want to be. But it is now up to him/her how to manage it. Eyes and actions will play an important role in whether the opportunities are worth to be given. But by giving the other opportunities, show him/her that you can change your mind. If the wounds are repeated, set limits. And if each one needs his/her own way now, speak, explain and forgive. After all, we are humans and we change daily. Have a clear conscience. Remember that life is a cycle and that you will meet again and again, maybe with an apology and a hug!


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Christina Georgiou

Journalist, Writer, Photographer

Christina Georgiou is a graduate of Journalism at University of Cyprus. She lives in one of Kokkinohoria and adores the evenings when she visits her grandmother's traditional courtyard.

Dreamy, sensitive, creative, fond of photography, radio, travel, writing and everything related to communication, creativity, adventure and dreams. She wants to make people around her happy with her words and actions.
She loves poetry and those lyrics about love and hope. Her favorite word is the smile. Her journey is every moment. Magic is everything that makes her smile.

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