Love, respect, acceptance, self-esteem are fundamental  for our mental health and peace. It is of the utmost importance to have self-esteem, self-acceptance, to be able to appreciate what you are and what you have, to love and to respect yourself, your existence. Love yourself.

Psychologists say that the image of our self-esteem is built from the first years of every person’s life. In the first few months, if a child’s basic needs such as sleep, food, and above all love, tenderness and protection are satisfied, then the foundations for healthy self-esteem are laid.

Later, it is important to evaluate the important people around us (above all teachers and parents), as well as the experiences of our interpersonal relationships.

Those with a positive self-concept distinguish

Self-esteem and love for us are so important that can influence the choices and paths we will take throughout our life. As a result, we see that people with a positive self-esteem distinguish, live happy and full. On the contrary, people who fail to appreciate themselves, their worth, constantly experience a sense of unsatisfaction.

Nowadays we neglect ourselves and our main concern is to provide others with satisfaction and to meet their own needs. But we forget that:

If you don’t love yourself and don’t take good care of yourself, how can you do the same for others honestly and authentically? Without keeping yourself ‘repulsed’ by not fulfilling your own priorities?

We definitely need a change if…

If we have feelings of inadequacy, then it is difficult (and in fact we cannot) to make happy the others.

If we have low self-esteem then we definitely need a change: We must first take care of ourselves, before rushing to do it for others.

Let’s first realize who we are

This change, in fact, involves replacing many of the ideas and perceptions we had from our family and society. We first need to realize who we are, what we want, what we believe etc.

As we make this change, we slowly begin to define and love ourselves, embrace the positive and negative elements we can have. To love our ideas, values and beliefs.

Start your self-awareness

Start this self-awareness process today. We need to learn to forgive, to respect, to claim what we want and to associate with positive people.

Love yourself

To externalize your strength points, to take care of yourself spiritually and physically! Listen to yourself, embrace yourself and show love and respect. Love yourself.



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