Are you patient or impatient? The truth is that we are not born patient or impatient. It’s something that is cultivated, not something we are. And being aware of that, we can at any time choose whether to be patient about something worthwhile or to be as impatient.

However, nowadays it is rare for anyone to have the patience to achieve a goal. To stay focused on the schedule, the training or the schedule needed to complete a job for example.

How success is related to patience

As we grow older we realize that patience is needed so that anything good can happen in our life.

One of the main components of success is patience and in particular patience in the process that will lead you to success.

A student who succeeds in exams has endured systematic study for at least one year. An athlete who achieves a major distinction has endured for years the grueling fitness programs that ultimately led him/her to the distinction.

A scientist who makes a breakthrough has endured for years the hours of training, study and experimentation needed to reach hisher conclusions.

How to approach it

There are two ways to approach patience. Either integrating it into our life in any difficult situation as a “comfort” or cultivating it and using it as an ally for our success.

No one has achieved something extraordinary, something unmatched, something remarkable, without equipping himself/herself with the necessary patience he/she needs to have throughout his/her ordeal.

How the concept of patience is strengthened

Adding the notions of perseverance and expecation. Perseverance shows the person who does not stop, who continues to do what he/she has to do, who continues to strive for and continues to support the “struggle” he/she gives, despite the difficulties he/she may face.

Expectation shows someone when he waits for something good, hopes for a positive result. He/sheexpects that with his/her actions, he/she will achieve something he/she desires.

The parallel connection of these concepts is behind every major achievement.

The example of nature

Have you ever wondered how much patience is needed to plant a plane tree seed to finally enjoy its cool shade? Everything in nature follows a natural flow, a process that always brings the best.

As you try to build on the foundations of your new personality, which now includes a new mindset, sets new goals, incorporates a new habit or makes a new beginning, give yourself a generous amount of time and patience.