It’s a fact that there will always be defeats and failures in our life. After all, there is no one who always achieves something from the first time, without any obstacle. Often, obstacles are not objects but people. These people who will influence you, will hit you with their words and convey their negative thoughts. In these cases it would be good to lift the head.

Answer immediately

Does anyone answer you in a way you don’t like? Say it directly. Raise your head high and don’t bend it. There are people who like to see frustration in other people. If you haven’t met such people yet, be careful. Shake your head and answer even before he/she even finishes his sentence. Speak.


Too often listening to someone who is considered “toxic” to you seems like time isn’t passing. You may say that you are unaffected, but negative thinking is adopted. So if this happens often and the situation gets worse, try to ignore him/her. Don’t answer his/her calls and don’t go out with friends if he/she will also be with them.

Take care of your words

There are wolves and monsters around us, and sometimes we don’t realize it from the first time. I talk about these snake-friends who mix up situations and cause problems. Keep your words, the positive and the complaints for those you know very well. However, it’s advisable not to discuss about important things about you in public places.

Raise your head high!

You failed and this guy still keeps making you feel sad. “It doesn’t matter, I did it the first time, but I really struggled a lot”, “try again, maybe you didn’t understand some points in the test”? “You will succeed, just like me that I succeed in every exam”. These are proposals that contain encouragement but also discouragement. So what if they make you think and regret? Raise your head, answer as he/she answers you and close the door saying goodbye!

So there are many ways to do it. Next time … eyes open and head high! Maybe this time you will achieve a dream from the first attempt!

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