A big bet for any person is to be self-sufficient. Not expecting anything from life but creating the opportunities to have everything needed. This is something that all people need to cultivate. Rely on your own power.

We easily blame

It is very easy to complain and blame external factors for our own setbacks. Certainly, many things don’t come as we expect. And there are probably no reasonable explanations for them. Maybe not even excuses.

But the circumstances are not to blame for what is happening to us. But our reaction is 100% ours.

Rely on your own power

Be autonomous in your life. Don’t leave the keys easily to the others. If your buddy is missing, it doesn’t mean that you will be locked home and not go to the bar you wanted. And if your mother is absent for some reason, it doesn’t mean you won’t eat. Even if you are without work, you shouldn’t blame the boss or the system.


Do you need more likes or self esteem?


To take control of your life, you must accept responsibility for your actions and choices. That’s why you want to be able to live alone without the need or the others.

Take control of your life

When you realize that everything is in your hand, the attitude of your life changes. You know you have to be organized to get what you need.

And here’s how mature a human can be. When no part of his/her life depends on the others, he/she is truly free.

Choose to have control

Having control over all aspects of your life is difficult. That’s life, with its beautiful challenges. Those who mature you and make you explore every aspect of yourself.

Don’t allow yourself to depend on others. No part of your life depends on the others. For what you need, know how to get it. And if a helping hand comes, it’s ok.


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