There are moments when you don’t feel you have the strength and confidence to conquer your goals. That is, there are moments when you don’t feel important so that the thought itself doesn’t allow you to rise to the surface.

Rebuild yourself, gather your pride and remember the following when you don’t feel well:

You are not alone

If you feel you are going through a sluggish period then you are by no means the only one. On the contrary, such feelings are experienced by people all over the world and even in countries that do not provide the opportunity to recover. When you realize that you don’t have a battle, with the mind, alone, then everything changes. The allies are out there waiting for you to return to reality. Visiting a psychologist should not be considered taboo, but analogous to visiting a dentist for… toothache.

Just because you feel it,it doesn’t mean it’s true

Lack of self-esteem usually derives from other factors that are not (necessarily) related. A night with not quality sleep is enough to create an avalanche of negative thoughts. The same happens with a negative comment in the workplace or a bad day in the gym without energy which is perfectly normal. So when you don’t feel important, the first step is to find the root of the evil. It takes no effort but to record your thoughts on a piece of paper. Then enrich the psychology factor by preparing a gratitude list for all those for whom you feel blessed.

You don’t have to grow up

As in most areas of life, your value as seen by the others is not just white and black. In fact, small acts that show compassion and interest give you a greater sense of appreciation than a promotion or action that brings you a lot of money. Looking at the data from another perspective, the achievements that feed your selfishness provide a short-term pleasure and don’t contribute to the feeling of self-fulfillment.