Secrets of people, who live long lives

Have you ever wondered if there are specific places in the world where people have been living for much longer than in the other parts of the planet? Such places are called blue zones and they include Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Nicosia, Costa Rica; Loma Linda, California and Greek Ikaria. So what are the secrets of people, who live long lives?

In these parts longevity is achieved through habits such as:

They don’t eat more than they require

Research on rodent nutrition has shown that when they feed rationally and without exaggeration, they live for many years. This happens due to the reduced risk and protection against diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Another study with rhesus monkey subjects concluded that with thirty percent fewer calories, longevity was encouraged. Therefore it’s easy to conclude, that if we don’t overeat, we can enjoy longer years and healthier stay on this planet Earth.

They stay active without necessarily exercising

People who live in the Blue Zones don’t visit the gym in order to be healthy. They simply don’t have to, as they just believe in and support mobility during the day. They prefer to walk to a destination and don’t aim to exercise, as their general life is full of various physical activities. There are many parts of their daily routine that obviously don’t involve sitting in a chair for long periods of time and moving around a lot instead.


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