Every person’s improvement starts from him/her. In addition to personal development, there is an improvement in the conditions next to us. A good act daily is capable of changing the world for the better.

That is why we should all aim to do something to improve the world around us.

Only with words nothing can happen

Many want and wish a change. The point is that in order to be possible, they must first of all change themselves. Change their habits. The way they think and act.

Just wanting something and saying it, doesn’t mean it will come into your life. Not at least without any effort. When we want something very much, the will is created in our subconscious, which motivates us to lay the groundwork to achieve it.

And here’s the game to win. In acts and not just in words.

A good act daily

So if lovelife’s philosophy expresses you and you aim to improve the world around you, do a good act daily. You don’t need to think about what that will be. Opportunities for kindness are constantly presented.

It may be to keep the door open for the next one to pass. Or use the elevator and send it downstairs for someone else who will need it.

You can feed or water the stray. Give priority to someone at the supermarket if he/she doesn’t have a lot of things. To help and carry the shopping of an elderly person.


With every click she heard, she opened her wings and flew


Anything that will help someone around you.

Make it a habit!

Positivity, kindness, beautiful acts, all these are all choices. If we put them in our daily life and characterize us as human beings, then the warmth of our heart will warm to those around us without even thinking about it. That’s how good acts should be.

It depends on you

The change for the better starts with each of us and comes out of you. Don’t just stick to words and don’t fret over how much impact you can have around you.

Set a goal to do a good act daily and your world will surely be more beautiful.


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