Show interest to make an impression

When it comes to relationships, it’s good to get along with others. Especially at work, where it’s pretty much necessary. Although we often tend to keep the distance from those we don’t consider appealing, in the long term it’s still better to have good relationship with everyone around us. And one way make an impression is to show your interest.

Why you must have good relationships

Good relationships can only bring you positive things. But this isn’t immediately obvious. You will only realize it when you need it the most. For example, when something goes wrong, you’ll know where to ask for help. Or when you get along with a lot of people, you won’t need to earn their trust as they already trust you.

Conversely, when you openly accuse others, it doesn’t leave a good impression. Even when you’re in the right. People who complain are not liked. And worse, they attract other people who also complain.

How to make a good impression

Of course, the list of positives that a nice person has isn’t limited to just that. You have to always aim to have good relationships with people. You never know what life will bring. This is especially true in the professional field. The so-called “networking” is the alpha and omega of being a professional.

But how do you make a good impression if you’re a very decent person?

Show interest

You can do so by showing interest in others. This isn’t that difficult and is certainly acceptable, no matter what your relationship with the other person is.

Show interest in what they tell you. Listen carefully. You can ask about things that concern others. About their family, friends and interests. You can do this all the time, when talking to all the people you know. This will make you stand out and they will like you immediately.

Build on human relationships

Show interest to make an impression. Without realizing it, with the interest you show, you also help the other people, since you put them at the center of the conversation. Just this act alone will give you numerous benefits.


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