Often talking at home, at work and with friends, you may speak without first thinking. Sometimes it happens that you feel so comfortable in a company and you talk openly. No matter who sits next to you. You speak without putting yourself in the opposite position. Really, some of your words may hurt the others, do you forget it?

Some words are like nails

Some of your words are likely to hurt others, do you forget it? Many words and phrases in your daily life can annoy those around you. That’s why they don’t talk to you like they used to.

Some words are like the nails that crack the mirrors of your fellow humans. And when I refer to mirrors, I mean their inner world.

And maybe these are the people who won’t tell you when you hurt them. They may be one of those people who, even if they have something to worry about, will smile at you with your head bowed.

Actually, who are you to spoil someone’s day? Think otherwise your day and the day of others will roll when you pay attention to your words.


Laugh is the best… medicine


Some of your words may hurt the others, do you forget it?

No one was born perfect and we all really make mistakes in our daily life. But most importantly, it is through our clumsy and wrong movements that we try to become better.

This, of course, applies not only to actions but also to words. So before you say anything, think about the people around you.

Remember some characterizations, adjectives, black jokes, and whispers.

Words bombard the mind more than movements and actions. Before you say anything, look around at the beauty of the moment.

Smell the hot coffee you share with your friends and taste the sweetness that your friend shared and eat with him/her. Do not start your ironies, harsh words and selfish phrases.

Life is so beautiful that we waste our time and those around us with bad words. So be careful. Some of your words may hurt the others.


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