The benefits of cinema

The weather has finally cleared, and the night smells of flowers, the chairs and tables have been put in place and the summer cinemas have opened! Wouldn’t you like to spend your summer evening watching a good movie with a soft drink and snacks in hand? The benefits of cinema.

Watching a movie outside is a unique experience since we are simultaneously connected to nature, smells and external sounds… A magical experience! But is cinema just a way of entertainment?

It boosts our mood

Enjoying leisure activities, such as watching a movie, significantly boosts mood. And appears to help reduce symptoms of depression.

After all, how many times have we resorted to a movie to improve our emotional state? Especially when we are going through a stressful period in our lives, either due to emotional fluctuations or due to the stress caused by everyday life and obligations.

It relaxes us

How can a movie help us “disconnect” from the stressors of our lives? Entertainment and the pleasant “breaks” in our routine help us rest and relax refreshing us at the same time.

One such entertainment is watching movies. Especially if we have trouble disconnecting from work and anything else that stresses us out.

By leaving our cell phone at home or putting it on silent we can focus on the plot of the movie without distractions and have a relaxing experience.

It motivates

Allowing our mind to take a pleasant “break” from obligations allows us to banish the feeling of exhaustion. And come back more productive.

According to a 2020 study, movies inspire us to start a new hobby, set new goals, and find new motivation, both personally and professionally.

Especially if the film’s subject matter is about someone pursuing their happiness and ambitions or is a biography about an inspirational person.

It improves human relations

Watching a movie with a loved one, partner, friend or child can be refreshing in your relationship. By choosing a topic that appeals to both of you, you create a pleasant shared experience.

Not only are you committed to your time together, but you’ll also have a prime opportunity for additional discussion on the film afterwards.

It reduces stress

Comedy or drama? Laugh or cry? Whatever we choose helps to significantly reduce stress. The studies discovered that laughter significantly reduces the levels of cortisol and epinephrine hormones that are “responsible” for stress.

While a 2020 study showed that we also benefit significantly from dramatic films since crying also reduces cortisol levels.

What is Cinema Therapy?

Apart from being a quality form of entertainment, cinema is used by psychotherapists as a form of therapy.

A 2021 study shows that it can be quite helpful for therapists to use a film, or video, to expose us to a hero who may be having a similar emotional experience to us.

It encourages us to look at the situation from a different perspective and find new ways of coping.


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