You want to put color to your life. But what color? Colors have their own special meaning and their own symbols. What colors make your mood? Related studies have also answered this question …

Yellow, green or blue?
Yellow is considered the color of joy and sun. It causes the release of serotonin, a substance that contributes to the feeling of joy. Green reminds of nature and in gentle tones brings concentration and relaxation.

Blue is the color of tranquility, and even in its lightest tones it is thought to benefit both the mind and the body. Blue symbolizes faith and trust, and those who choose it are considered trustworthy and confident.

Pink and red
Pink is a gentle color that radiates warmth and sensitivity. It’s also the color of romance and sensuality. Its intense shades indicate an optimistic look at life.

The red color is bold and emits confidence. Studies have shown that it raises the heart rate, so it is ideal for dynamic people, for people with vitality.

The positive and negative colors
Generally positive colors are yellow, white, blue, pink, orange, green, while black and gray are negative.

Researchers from universities in New Zealand, Switzerland and Germany have shown that the colors that inspire the strongest emotions are red, black and pink, while the most … “colorless” colors are brown and purple. It was also found that almost all colors are considered either ‘good’ or ‘bad’, with the exception of the red which is associated with something good (love) and something bad (anger).