«We need four hugs per day to survive, eight hugs per day to maintain and twelve hugs per day to grow», has said American psychotherapist, Virginia Satir. Scientists prove it with tangible evidence, which we gather below.

It stimulates our immune system
The mild stress that is achieved by contacting our sternum with that of another and the emotional burden it generates activates the thymus gland of the brain, which regulates and balances white blood cell production. The increase in hemoglobin, moreover, achieved by the embrace of a loved one helps to transport oxygen to the body and heal it after an illness.

Keeps the heart healthy
High blood pressure is one of the most important causes of cardiovascular diseases. Scientific research has shown that hugs can reduce stress and thereby reduce this risk.

It helps our relationships
The hug may be an expression of our good relationship with our partner, but the opposite is also true: frequent hugs, which produce the hormones of serotonin and dopamine, help maintain the harmony between two partners and building a good relationship.

It boosts our confidence
Ιt is a prove that someone else loves us, but also it helps us love ourselves. Since we are born, we receive our parents’ love mainly through their touch, which confirms that we deserve it.

It helps the nervous system
Specifically, the galvanic response of our skin to a hug demonstrates the conductivity of our skin, whose moisture and electrical charge can be altered and balanced by a touch.

The hug learns us to give and take
We always need two (at least) for one hug, which teaches us in the most direct way that when we give, we automatically get.

It releases us
When we embrace someone, we automatically stop thinking of everything else. The energy of the hug overwhelms us, disconnects us from our thoughts and allows us to focus on our emotions.