Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant behavior. It has the power to relieve you of all negative emotions. The power of forgiveness.

Forgiveness has been shown to reduce anger, depression and anxiety, while generating feelings of hope, compassion and confidence. Even recent research has shown that if you learn to forgive, you will improve your health and your life.

Forgiveness is not just about being able to overcome feelings of hatred, fear, anger, revenge. It’s also about being able to cultivate positive feelings, thoughts and behaviors toward the person who hurt you.

I do it for myself!

I forgive you for what you didn’t give me, for what you took from me, for what you didn’t understand… For the wounds you opened and what you told me…. I do it for myself, not for you.
I do it because I need to forgive you in order to be well. In order to get rid of the wounds of the past and heal them.

So I’ll find the peace in me

I forgive you because I understand that the pain and bitterness that I hold inside me burden just me and I no longer need them.

Because every time I try to take a step forward the negative feelings I have for you put me in a tricycle and turn me back on, while I so desperately need to live and find peace in myself.

Because I have the power

Because I have the power and I learned to do it. Because in this way I settle in with you and I can stop dealing with you.

I can take back the piece that anchors me with so much anger and hatred, letting it no longer affect my life and my feelings.

Only in this way my heart will be open to kindness and love. Also because I want to be able to dream again. And only in this way will I forgive myself. Because I need to get rid of all this.

I have now learned that forgiveness doesn’t change the past, but makes the future look better.

It heals the body and the relationships

According to psychologists’ research, forgiveness:
Improves sleep quality, relieves fatigue, depression, as well as various physical symptoms and discomfort. It soothes the body and the spirit, with obvious effects on overall health.

Restores heart rate and blood pressure to normal levels after relieving tension.

Creates positive thoughts and heals human relationships, giving impetus to a more altruistic attitude.

Let’s forgive each other, only in this way we will live in peace.