The power of our mind is enormous and we can control it by subjecting it to the thoughts it will funcion, this is called the power of self- submission.

We often listen that God is within us as a force that moves us and helps us to cope with the various trials. When the power appears at the human, can take many forms depending on the level it refers. Between the two unknown and infinite worlds, the world of the natural forces that are manifested in the human as instincts, and the world of spirit that is expressed as a will, there is a space that belongs to the human, the human world, and there the Force is known as a «will».

The «will» is developed, cultivated, submitted and controlled throughout techniques. Thinking techniques that are cultivated with the right use of our mind. Self-submission is the most important of them.

Self-submission is the process where a person consciously influences himself or herself with thoughts that he or she selects in a particular field or circumstance. Provided that thoughts have a decisive influence on our emotions and behavior, we can reasonably deduce that self-submission can suppress vicious circles since it directly affects our mental and mental state.

Human behavior is characterized by submissions and / or self-submission that a human has since he came into the world. The difference between submission and self-submission is very small. The first derives from the outside or from others and self-submission is the submission we make to ourselves. The first basic rule is to always remember that we cannot successfully impose on ourselves anything we don’t really want, something that we don’t actually want to see happen.

Shortly, our daily thoughts become a habit, so by putting positive and beautiful thoughts on our brain, we tend to think positively and create the right situations around us. So load your mind with positive and beautiful thoughts and see how your world will change and will be, transformed into the world you choose!!!