We must smile as often as we can. Who doesn’t like to live with smiling people? Smiling people are always more attractive, because they seem to have reasons to make us smile as well. In addition, they give us the impression that everything is going well, since they smile, so it will also happen for us soon. It’ s a powerful tool for managing daily life and it’s a pity if we don’t it for our benefit.

The smile makes us more attractive:

The smile changes our mood
The next time you feel down, try to smile. It is very possible that your mood will improve, as the smile can trick the body into releasing endorphins and producing serotonin, the hormone of joy. Studies have shown that the smile releases endorphins, natural painkillers and serotonin. These hormones make us feel better. So the smile is also a natural «drug». The muscles used for the smile are subject to a form of lifting, making the person look younger. So, if lifting is at your plans, first try some smiling sessions and you may never need it.

It’s sticky
When someone smiles, he/she can lighten the place and make happier the people around him/her. A smiling face brings joy and this joy can be imparted to others. Think of a grumbler and you will understand! When we are stressed, it’ s obvious on our face. But the smile can prevent it – it hides our fatigue and bad mood. When you are stressed, smile. You will soon feel much better. Smile even without a reason. Just smile.

Strengthens the immune system
When we smile we are more relaxed, the level of hormones that control stress decrease and this helps at the better function of the immune system. If we smile, the body thinks we are having a good time and there is no danger, so it keeps the stress hormones down. So on a busy or bad day in the office or at work, choosing a smile is an ideal and powerful antidote.