We are often lost in our thoughts. We disguise ourselves as a skunk full of negative and bad thoughts. We forget and throw aside that smile that can truly make our day even more beautiful. In fact, the smile is not just a curve, it’s a shield.

The smile is not just a curve, it’s a shield

We can adopt this curve in our face every day. Waking up with a smile gives us the opportunity to fill ourselves with confidence and strength.

The smile is not just a curve, it’s a shield. It has the power to heal our bad moments. It may be the beginning to unite two people who have quarreled. It carves every look and scans it. After all, the smile is contagious. How is it that every time a baby smiles, a smile is formed on our face as well?

It can last forever

Smile is a shield for everything. In a disagreement, in a fight, in a dead end and of course in the beautiful moments. If we believe in it, we can have better days. After all, they always come with ally the smile.

This beautiful curve, and at the same time this shield, can last forever. In defeats, in wins and in everything. It can happen, by accepting the situation and believing in us first.


Can you love your job again?


Galiatsatos Aristides’ scientific book, “Smile and its relation to aesthetics” (2015) states: “Smile is considered a mirror of one’s health, reflecting a set of pleasant human emotional states”.

Indeed, a smile creates a pleasant moment, with mixed emotions. This curve is not just about dental hygiene. It also refers to what the smile itself offers to each individual’s psychology.

If the smile isn’t visible…

The great Greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis once wrote that “you have the brushes, you have the colors, paint the paradise and get inside”. One would say that this applies to the smile also.

If we don’t have the smile, we can create it. With brushes, with colors and with moments. We can and have the ability to do so. It is enough to believe in its power. Because really it can protect our every move. Because it always has the power to defeat everything. Because it’s exactly a shield.



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