A deck of cards contains 52 cards, but its use in simulations is countless times due to the fact that some cards are in your hand and some are pulled from the table. For example, you have no choice in the relatives, but you have the right to define your riends.

In life, you have to make a series of decisions. Put in your arsenal the following three tips, in order to get the tools you need to do it:

Simplify your choices
In an era in which information is offered generously and at no cost, a form of dependency is created in trying to know as much as you can, believing that they will be useful to you once. It’ s not difficult to realize that the more options you have, the more complicated a decision becomes, since you are constantly weighing the pros and cons trying to find the optimal solution. It all derives from strategic decisions, such as which principles you want to embrace, which human relationships are of greater importance and benefit and whether a material good can make you happy.

Prioritize yourself
Looking at your own interest and choosing the moments and people that will make you, first of all, happy, are not necessarily selfish. Indeed, life reminds us every day with various circumstances that it is relatively short and that being at the service of either your boss or your best friend doesn’t provide pleasure. Judge based on what is more beneficial or at least less painful for yourself.

Remember that even the downhill has an end
If you’ve got involved in an avalanche of situations that make your life harder, then another bad decision will make your return even harder. Often when you are on a downward process, you choose not to… choose, that is, you let the others determine what will happen, without opinion and determination. So long before any decision is taken, it is important to get in the process to consider alternatives and then weigh the pros and cons.