In terms of psychology, what you do early in the morning determines how the next few hours will roll.

The biographies of successful people hide several rituals early in the morning that enhance the building of self-confidence. Simplicity is your ally and a good start can be achieved through the following steps:

Ask the basic question

What can mobilize you more than realizing that you are mortal? So ask yourself “how would this day be if it was the last”. It may sound macabre but it is a reminder that time is the most valuable asset. In fact you still have the obligation to take care of your family and work a certain number of hours. However, the point is to use your free time creatively. If you sink into the couch and your thoughts, then you don’t live, but you survive.

Begin with the most difficult task

The “slow and steady” tactic may not be the most productive when applied every morning. Brian Tracy, author of the book “Eat That Frog” suggests exactly the opposite. Specifically tp deal with the task that is most heavy and difficult, because before you start anything, your energy is at its highest level and you are more likely to respond. So choose your “frog” and commit to dealing with minor issues only when you neutralize it.


Especially after a night of not-so-good sleep, the mind thinks negative scenarios. In order to remain calm and reap the negativity, meditate. This procedure is simple, can be performed anywhere and five minutes of concentration are sufficient. Just focus on your breathing and repeat an empowering phrase of your choice for the desired number of times. This is probably the most useful piece of advice you need to get into what you do early in the morning.