How many times and how many have hurt us, made fun of us and betrayed us, while we were giving them time, emotions, soul, energy, care etc.

Diversification in this difficult situation begins with how you will respond to this lure and back spin, from people who have had a lifetime ticket to your life without control.

Have they caused you grief, have they filled you with frustration and suspicion? If you answer affirmatively, you should realize that all of them, in addition to the pirates in your life, are the best teachers for you.

This approach in no way justifies their “work”. But turn your attention from them to you.

How do those who hurt you teach you?

What was your share of responsibility? Why didn’t you leave when you could, when you saw the signs? Do others treat us exactly as we allow them to? What you were experiencing was just a reflection of your own behavior. And you spend your time analyzing your guilt.

So if someone doesn’t recognize or see your value, if you know your value, why do you stay there? Because this might change tomorrow? If you try a little more? How much more? You put yourself at second place. You gave up on you. You didn’t love and scatter you. You are sad and it is logical and expected.

You should know…

You have to understand that the level of pain and all these negative emotions that you feel and sometimes they overwhelm you is nothing more than the level and degree you left.

As you recognize your value, by learning to love, to care for you and to protect you, you will see people begin to disappear from your reality, giving place to young people who will meet the points of your reference.

This awareness is experiential and when you are there or you approach you will understand and feel it in your heart, even if the mind doesn’t receive it.

And if you ever come across such people again and approach you, it will just be a little reminder test to get them out of your way.

Now you know. Thank them, and give them a return ticket. And remain steadfast in your path and a dynamic gatekeeper of your life… you have a responsibility to yourself. Not selfishly, but because you need the peace and tranquility of your soul.