For many people, waking up at the morning is the most difficult time of the day, because the work we have ahead always annoys us and causes us discomfort. But how can we reverse this situation and wake up with a smile?

Open the windows of the house and let the light enter the house. So, the positive energy gets into your house and makes you mood.

When you wake up try to exercise a little in order to activate the bloodstream. You Some abs and bike or running is all you need, sith the condition that toy begin with a warm. Morning yoga also helps your body and mind regain its energy.

During sleep the body makes use of all the fluid it has in stock, so possibly it is dehydrated the next morning. So, when you wake up, drink a few glasses of cold water that rejuvenate your body and activate your nervous system, preparing you better for the new day and its obligations. If you prefer, add some lemon and / or honey to your water to remove the toxins.

Hot coffee may be the first thing you look for when you wake up, but it would be better to replace it with a glass of fresh fruit juice or even a cup of herbal tea. But if you can’t resist the coffee, drink just a cup. You should also add a proper breakfast to your daily schedule, even if it is a fruit with a little yogurt or a toast.

A shower at the morning is a great way to energize your nervous system and to feel immediately refreshed.