Whether you want to create your family or to change job, the first step is awareness. Beyond that, planning is an equally important process and especially the effective record of your goals.

The start may be difficult, however with careful analysis the task is simplified. So in order begin the process of meeting your goals, do the following:

Define the goals

The key to defining something is to know first what it is. Obviously a task cannot be logged and analyzed unless it is detected. Also, the quick pace of everyday life tends to drag you away from the path you want to walk. A piece of paper, a pen, and a chair are the key elements. The key questions that need an answer are where you are, where you want to be and how to get there.

Look widely

As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe says, “every step should be an individual goal in itself”. Don’t hesitate to look to the future with optimism and feel what you will feel when you reach the end of the journey. Dreams are not forbidden, on the other hand they are obligatory. Be the inspiration you are looking for bringing in your mind what you want to be in five years. This move is the most enjoyable in the process of effective record of your goals.

Look the next day

Having seen where you want to go, you now need to break the big goal into smaller ones. The transition process may frighten you, and this is quite normal. So in order to make it more feasible, you need to plan it step by step. It is also important to… communicate your goals in your environment for two main reasons. The first is to somehow put pressure on yourself so that you don’t get exposed to friends and family. The second is to get unexpected partners, since a talent or acquaintance can help you get there faster and easier.