We are as old as we feel

When we were young and someone asked us, “How old are you?”. We answered without giving it much thought. We rounded the remaining months to years, thinking that the older we looked, the more likely people would take us seriously. With age, of course, the opposite is true. As the years go by, we try to hide our real age so hard! However, we are as old as we feel.

But what is age?

The concept of age is simply a “concept”. It plays absolutely no role unless it comes to some of our documents.

Every day we read about research or studies that state that particular age is more suitable for doing one thing. Or the other age is better to do something else.

Panicking, we read such articles and become only interested in doing something that it says fits our age the best.

“Aren’t you too young?”, “You are too young and don’t have enough experience yet”. “You’re so old and haven’t had children yet?” Are only some of the frequently asked questions that become a nightmare if you pay attention to them.

I am as old as I feel

There is basically no age limit for whatever you want to do. The choices in your life are purely yours and how you make the most of the time you have is up to you. And not to those who try to define how you must live.

How can we ignore it?

Age, like anything else that bothers us, can be ignored if you take out whoever points it to you from equation. Our instinct always warns us about the wrong people in our lives.

The “toxic” people, we call them. So how do we deal with such people? Simply take them out of your life. Just like that. No nonsense, no excuses. Expel whatever spoils you.


In essence, when we have people who support us and help us without consideration close by, the peace comes to our souls. We can do what we have in mind without being bothered by age and other unimportant factors in life.


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