We have the tendency to find solutions for everyone. Solutions for their finances, their broken relationship, for everything. Really, have we ever been in the process of finding solutions to what concerns us? Because we find solutions for all. For us?

Not only words but also actions are needed

In order to offer true help to those around us and to feel that we truly feel the need to share love, we must be well with ourselves. After all, we find solutions for all. For us?


Laugh is the best… medicine


Let’s put everything in order, especially our emotions. And then let’s put our positive thoughts into action. Get pencil and paper. Write down what you want to achieve today. Wake up an hour earlier, before you get to work. Make your coffee and sit quietly and beautifully in your armchair.

Headline what I need to do today and start the notes. Take a circle and write down what you are feeling today. Leave the negative emotions at the edge of the cycle and find keywords that will help you eliminate them with actions and new activities.

We find solutions for all. For us?

Become the hero of yourself. Your example and your fan. Always in the positive way.

Find solutions to your problems by always studying and thinking about your own good and those around you. Solutions may come after a series of activities. For example, you have the habit of spending money constantly. Find some simple and easy solution, such as buying a piggy bank.

Do you quarrel with your partner because there is always something that bothers you? Don’t get upset. The solutions come through dialogue, respect, understanding and compromise.

These and more may seem impossible. But really, “it always seems impossible until it happens”, as Nelson Mandela said. Let’s think about how we can find alternatives to something that concerns us. And let’s add the words “I can”, “I want”, “effort” to our daily life and let’s have the confidence of life. And finally let’s not forget that solutions always exist. If we don’t find them, let’s create them.


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