High self-esteem is undoubtedly very important to each human being, because it helps him/her overcome difficulties and obstacles. But how do we distinguish those who have this powerful feature?

These are the characteristics of people who have high self-esteem:

* They are effective. These people are always competitive and never give up trying to finish a project.

* They know that you can’t give to others if you don’t give yourself first. Therefore, they have themselves in priority in order to feel good and to be able to offer to those they love.

* They aren’t afraid of social contact. They aren’t afraid of personal relationships, on the contrary they seek them out since they want to interact with other people.

* They don’t look for the reward. On the contrary, they prefer to defend themselves, without fear of expressing what they feel and think, even if this is not something that others like. They tell the truth without trying to win the favor of others.

* They are leaders. High self-esteem increases people’s leadership abilities. The higher the self-esteem is, the more leadership tendencies a person has.

* The don’t look for fans anxiously. They don’t chase… followers. They are satisfied with themselves and they don’t need the confirmation via like…

* They recognize both their strengths and weaknesses. They value their virtues, but they also recognize aspects of their character that can be improved.

* They help people who love to believe in themselves and their abilities, emphasize their advantages and help them gain high self-esteem.

* They don’t give up on defeats. They know that they cannot always win and when the «defeats» appear, they behave with realism and more persuasion to come back … stronger.