“Beauty begins when you decide to be yourself”, had said fashion designer Coco Chanel. How true is this statement? It is enough to remember periods when we are happy, in love, how beautiful we feel and how it is apparent on our appearance. What is beauty? Beauty begins in our soul. Smiling people shine, express with their smile their inner world and their character. Every imperfection “disappears” in front of a happy person who transmits positive emotions.

Can we always be smiling?

With a little effort we can. When we are fine with ourselves we will learn to choose the right people around us. This is how we try to live in harmony with ourselves and those around us.

You should learn to express yourself

Life is too short to allow us to be overwhelmed by adverse situations. We need to learn to handle these situations first with dialogue. We often find that when we don’t talk about something that bothers us when it happens, a gap is created between us and those around us.

To set priorities

When we find what fills us with joy, small pleasures of life, then we will be able to harmonize with our daily life. To put our thoughts in order, to impose our minds on ourselves and to create situations that only bring us joy.

The relationship between inner and outer beauty

The inner beauty causes the external, the joy, the peace, the virtue. Values that appear on the face. Contrary to the exterior that no matter how much we care about it, no matter what interventions we have done on it, it cannot change the inner beauty.

As Abraham Lincoln said: “The greater the value of external beauty, the greater the inner beauty behind it”.