The relationship of the individual with himself/herself is vital for his/her proper development. Having a really good relationship with ourselves means that while we know we need to connect with other people from our adulthood and beyond, our relationship with ourselves becomes crucial in order to exploit the remaining years.

How can we have a good relationship with ourselves

Cultivate friendship with yourself

Set it as your primary goal, in order to continue to maintain a good relationship with yourself, with the perception that it will change over the years.

Set short term and long term plans

It is important to set priorities for different time frames. Having realistic goals and setting milestones and steps for each of our goals, we will stay on the right track.

Adopt an attitude of curiosity and acceptance

Recognize that change is unavoidable and generally welcoming without too much fear. We have to be suspicious when we decide to make changes that we haven’t “considered” enough or make decisions that do not look right, or that lead to indecision.

Your self-care is a priority

Sleep, nutrition, activity, rest, recreation and spiritual habits are the foundations for self-care.

Be kind to yourself

We should aim at rewarding ourselves without resorting to aggressive self-criticism. People often blame themselves through self-evaluation and self-correction, but over-self-criticism leads to less effective change.


Finding solutions to problems!


Learn to speak kindly to yourself

Optimistic behavior

Many people want everything to be fixed right away. Most of the times, this develops into self-destruction and self-sacrifice, which does not help to create healthy change.

Get involved in meaningful activities

Instead of having a static definition of success, it is preferable to have regular activities that give us satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. Work is important, although not everyone loves the work they do, but it is important to find ways to make sense of it.

Talk to yourself differently

When you notice that you talk hard on yourself, learn to stop this action. Some people find it helpful to externalize their thoughts by talking to themselves. Under the right circumstances, it can be a useful solution.

Far from selfishness

Being overly self-centered is problematic for our relationships and self-destructive. We may think that the desire for many things is a luxury. Some things we consider luxurious are great to experience sometimes and we should say that we “feel grateful and lucky” to have such opportunities, because we don’t have everything when we want it.



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