What messages are you sending with your outfit?

Dressing is seen as a way to express ourselves. With the outfit you choose, you also send some messages. But what messages are you sending with your outfit exactly?

So, we choose the clothes we wear because we like the color, because they fit our body, or even because we think they fit our style and highlight our personality. Also, clothes are used differently by the two sexes and can become a means of sexual communication.

The great fashion designers argue that the impression of a garment lasts for 5-10 minutes. On the other hand, the sense of the person’s personality means so much more. Clothes highlight personality, not create it. Even the quality and type of fabric make you feel beautiful, not only because it’s aesthetically pleasing, but also since it helps to express one’s personality.

Style in clothing confirms our uniqueness. Sometimes we project what we would like to be and not what we really are through our clothes.

Clothes can affect our psychology but the opposite is also true

We all will have noticed that in different periods of our life our mood for clothing is different.

Clothes express more than we think, they express the mood we have when we dress, how we want to face our day, as well as how we want others to treat us.

Colors send their own message

Neat business attire gives the impression of someone with confidence. A neutral outfit, usually colorless can indicate that the person doesn’t want to attract attention. And that they are quite shy.

A sloppy appearance sends the message that the person doesn’t care about their job, their future, or their relationship. Someone who dresses flamboyantly, obviously wearing name brands gives the impression of being materialistic and insecure.

The colors in the clothes we wear also play an important role on our psychology. Dark colored clothes give the feeling of depression, of someone closed to himself. Conversely, dark colors are of authority and signify professionalism.

Bright clothes indicate purity and give the impression of an approachable and friendly person. Colored clothes are associated with the psychology of colors.


Red is the color of passion, heart and high self-esteem. Blue is the color of spirit and the sky. Yellow signifies energy and creativity. Green means hope and calm and blue inspires confidence.

We should pay attention to our appearance, but up to a point. It isn’t necessary to dress according to the latest fashion or to become a fashion victim. Excessive preoccupation with something is characterized as pathological. The same applies to our appearance.

When the clothes are worn correctly, they can cover imperfections. And also emphasize the nice parts of our body. We automatically boost our self-confidence and self-esteem and at the same time avoid feeling negatively about our body.

We don’t need to be afraid and ashamed to show our personality using bright colors or special accessories. It’s important to feel comfortable when wearing anything.

Our clothes should flatter us and fit our body. It isn’t necessary for our clothes to be expensive to look good on us. It’s more important to be properly dressed for each occasion.

We can use clothes to lift our spirits and our confidence. Colors, shapes and images of our clothes can have a special meaning for us and set our mood.

What messages are you sending with your outfit?


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