Time runs out fast and the button to stop it even for a while has broken. You run to catch up and you forget the basics. To love, to dream, to set goals, only the ‘now’ has meaning for you. Not at all the after, your future. Is it time to build a day-to-day routine, a different routine? So… what you shouldn’t forget to do today?

Don’t look at the watch

Make it a goal to make your day different from other days. Don’t look at the watch. If you look at the watch many times, the stress becomes more and more noticeable and your day seems to have the duration of a century. Do your chores and commitments steadily, eliminating any negative thoughts.

What you shouldn’t forget to do today?

“Don’t forget to look in the mirror”. Remind yourself of this phrase when you take a bath to relax. After all, according to Feng Shui, mirrors are healing tools. Hug your naked body, observe your features and love yourself again and again.

Call friends and acquaintances

Even if you have three minutes in front of you after your break, call friends and acquaintances. Say “hi”, “I wish you were well”, “I call to hear your voice”, “see you tonight”. It is a fact that by speaking and listening, we escape the monotony. Why not start doing this today?


Smiling is the most beautiful spot on anyone’s face. Don’t forget it because it gives you strength and makes you feel good. So make your most beautiful, true smile, share it with anyone you want and start your day… smiling!

Make a review of the day

Before closing your eyes to sleep, make a review ofthe day. What you saw, what impressed you, what you gained, what you lost. Save all the moments in your mind. These will help you smile on your gray days and make you stronger and wiser. Set goals for the next day. Build your future and be the one you dream. Set priorities and above all discover the beauty of life, which is always hidden among us. Sometimes it is very noticeable, sometimes you need to find it.