When does a human happiness peak?

Happiness is the ultimate goal in every human’s life. Everyone is looking for it. But when do we find it? When does a human happiness peak?

Surprisingly, scientists have an answer even to this question! Research from the London School of Economics suggests that happiness peaks at two specific times in each person’s life.

The research

How was the survey conducted to draw their conclusions? The researchers asked 23,000 German volunteers, aged 17 to 85, how happy they would be in five years. And they went back to them in five years to see if the predictions were correct. And in most cases, they were!

According to this study, happiness tends to follow the U shape, i.e. it has two peak points and a recession period. Thus, the researchers calculated that the peak of a person’s happiness (the two highest points in the U) occurs at 23 and 69. On the contrary, the least happy period is middle age.

The explanation

According to the researchers, the 20s are dominated by enthusiasm for all future experiences and the confidence that the whole world is in our hands.

It’s then when we want to conquer the world and believe that we can achieve everything. It’s then when we spread our wings and look unrestrained.

Nearing 70, on the other hand, our obligations are fewer; we have more time (and money) to do what we didn’t for various reasons all the previous years. And we do it!

On the contrary, at 40-50 the professional and family obligations are so high that they can drain the person, reducing the good mood and the feeling of happiness. Children, work, responsibilities… Our daily life “eats” us whole and happiness is set aside…

That’s what scientists say. Do you believe them? We wish you all the years of your life to be happy!


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