When does mind get trapped?

Your upbringing and the knowledge you’ve gained over the years in some cases can be quite restrictive. So when the mind can’t see beyond its limits and think outside the box, it can easily get trapped.

So in order to make sure you don’t make your life any more difficult, consider the following:

“All or nothing” mentality

In most cases there are more than two options. A crossroads can literally have only one right and one left paths, but in life things aren’t always that simple. Especially if you always generalize things, and see the world in either black or white. And approach it with the “all or nothing” mentality. Of course, sometimes there really is an immediate solution that can lead to either a sweet success or an unsatisfying loss. However, there are other scenarios besides success and failure and you should keep them in mind.

The generalization of an event

Have you ever experienced that breakfast that didn’t go as planned and immediately your mind switched its mood and painted everything black? If you tend to generalize an incident and allow negativity to spread to other areas of life, you are flirting with dangerous paths. Try to filter out a failure or misstep immediately where and when it has occurred. And above all, do not confuse your level of performance within such environments as professional and social.


Do you have the courage to be yourself?

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