Who makes your decisions?

Our lives are demanding. No one can say otherwise. And their difficulty increases when we aren’t sure how to act. Really, have you ever thought about who makes your decisions?

When we waver, hesitate, stay inactive, when we think too much about what we should do and how others may take it or what we have to decide, we reach various crossroads in life and aren’t sure what we need to choose, what we need to decide.

We would like to have a helpful expert in the pocket, available at all times. It would be very nice every time we hesitate, when we think about which path to choose, which choice to make in various issues that concern us, to have a teacher, someone wise, on the phone and ask them for help.

Of course this is impossible. But even if it could happen, it wouldn’t be a huge boon as it would take away our personal freedom. What happens when we don’t decide, what happens when we don’t know what to choose?

We have a dilemma and we ask a bunch of acquaintances for a piece of advice. We don’t have an answer ourselves. And we’re afraid of decisions we may make.

Who makes your decisions?

The act of questioning itself implies doubt. We often ask people who have no better knowledge of the subject at hand for advice. In essence, we ask others so that they take the responsibility of the decision.

It doesn’t really matter how important or not the decision is. What matters is how we tend to let others decide for us.

Do we have to change? If we’re concerned about something and have to choose between two things, choose the more “exciting” one. And that’s because when I make the most indulgent choice, I automatically choose to take action and begin healing a part of me that needed improvement.


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