Why it’s important to talk to yourself

What do you usually think when you see a stranger mumbling to himself while seemingly being in his one zone? Chances are, you think he may have some issues or even be out of his mind. However, it’s actually very important to talk to yourself, and there are numerous benefits.

Some of the most important are:

You train more efficiently

The journal “Perspectives on Psychological Science” published a study on exercise performance in relation to talking to yourself. The results were certainly positive and very encouraging. Specifically phrases like “you can do it” and “I feel great” were among the most effective. Such self-motivating quotes encourage participants to continue exercising and reaping benefits through this healthy practice.

You improve your memory

A study by Canadian scientists Noah Forrin and Colin MacLeod looked at whether speaking to yourself helps you remember faces and situations better or not. The answer turned out to be positive in this case as well. Specifically, the participants were divided into four groups. Those who read silently, those who read aloud, people who listened to others read, and those who listened to recordings of themselves. More efficient was the group that read aloud and somehow spoke to itself.

You put your thoughts in order

If you feel your mind being stormy, silence will not help you out. This is because the thoughts will continue to come back, stronger than before, even if you face them temporarily. Psychologist Linda Sapadin emphasizes that, “Talking to yourself helps you clarify your thoughts and deal with what is most important at the moment.”


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