A day that begins with a negative predisposition is doomed to end up in the trash bin since you will push your mind at the gray side of each situation.

By transmitting negativity, you adopt an attitude of life that not only doesn’t allow you to act, but also creates a dependency on those emotions that are gloomy and «justify» your inaction.

So if you want to get rid of this introversion and adopt a life attitude where everything is possible, follow these strategies:

Action and thought are companions
There is a triptych thinking, action and emotion: if you have a positive disposition, but you cannot practically look higher or farther, then you cannot do anything. The results of your actions will have an impact on your psychology and your actions are fueled by what you have in mind, so these three elements refer to a «all or nothing» situation.

Start with the mind
In the field of sports, and especially in the high level, those who are gifted by nature with talent or physical ability are more likely to succeed. However, these aren’t enough and the stories of athletes with suicidal tendencies, such as Diego Maradona and George Best, prove that the use of the mind is equally important. However, there are many stories of people who didn’t use the mind as the body, and as a result, they couldn’t exploit their talent. So the basis for climbing every mountain is the will, finding the right motivation and how much you really want to get to the top and what you’re willing to sacrifice.

Energy or impassivity?
The difference between mediocrity and success is often found in the ability, but also in the desire to implement your extraordinary idea. The epitome of the «I can do it» tactic is to execute a thought shortly after its conception and without hesitation, since the possibility of failure is better than the thought «what would have happened if I did it».