We live in a “tough” period with people becoming individualistic and competitive. They struggle to survive and meet their needs and do not see beyond their own problems. They only care about themselves, deprived of any sense of humanity and altruism. Without kindness and generosity…

Unfortunately, the ones who know and just like to take from others survive. Those who suck emotions and energy and after they are full and do not need us, move on to the next. Rude, aggressive, arrogant and self-centered people.

With good, clean heart

I feel sorry for all of them… Because, I believe, what makes sense in our life is love, good heart, selfless giving. So, in spite of the difficult period and bad behaviors, I insist on believing and appreciating the good option. The good, pure heart, with no self-sacrifice and no benefit in it.

With kindness and generosity

Kindness and generosity are the virtues that determine a person’s worth and quality. You help, you offer and you care, because this is what your heart wants, because that is your spontaneous nature. So at night, you sleep with no remorse, that you didn’t exploit or use a human being to satisfy your personal interest, whatever that may be.

Life will return it to you

You feel fuller when you care about the other, knowing that you helped a human in need of a helping hand, you behaved relentlessly, with no benefit from him/her, without asking for something in return.

Life will return it to you one way or another. Because that’s how your nature is and you can’t do otherwise.

Those who do not appreciate it, do not understand and exploit it, are deprived of a true feeling and are lost and deceitful.

As Chronis Missios said, the greatest struggle is not to lose your own truth, as you define it: “To be able to avoid the barbarity of this period. To be able to remain a human with tenderness. With your own eyes”.
With kindness and generosity.