Wounded, but still smiling and polite

Everyone has their own story, their own experiences. Some have a happy past or present, and others are in pain and suffering. In a way, however, we all go through some trials, which, as life experiences, can shape our way of thinking and what our character becomes. Wounded, but still smiling and polite.

You’ll notice that the funniest and kindest people are usually those, who have been hurt the most. They are the ones who, since they have felt what it’s like to be hurt, angry and upset, make sure that no one else feels that way. They are the ones who, if they notice that someone is experiencing the pain, will try to alleviate it, either with a discussion or with a joke.

The man who has experienced many difficulties in life wants to remain a good man. What he was deprived of in life and longed for, things such as love, understanding and trust, he is willing to offer to an excessive degree.


For example, I remember the stories told to me by the village elder, a rural farmer who spent his childhood oppressed by his parents and society. He couldn’t study because he had to take over the estates, couldn’t play with his friends because he had to help his father.

He even didn’t have the right to choose his wife, as she had been chosen by others for him. And if he had argued, he’d be punished either physically or emotionally.

Still, he’s the funniest person I know. He is the man with the most liberal views, with the most beautiful jokes, with the most comforting conversations. The man who despite the difficulties of life, poverty, oppression, war, physical and psychological violence wants to see the people around him happy and never give up. He is the man who offers his love and kindness in large doses, as he has been deprived of them in his life. He is the kindest man I’ve ever met.

Kind people have lived their lives to its fullest. They know every negative emotion, and desire every positive emotion. They have managed to turn sadness into joy, frustration into experience, failure into a life lesson. Came out of these situations stronger and more resilient. They weren’t born that way but their character was shaped by these experiences.

Finally, it’s easy to feel negative, bad and miserable through the difficulties of life. Kindness, politeness and love are the hard way, you have to fight, get hurt and come out stronger. The choice is yours.

“Wounded, but still smiling and polite” by psychologist Giannis Xintaras


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