We all want to be happy. Many of us seek happiness in wealth and forget that our true happiness is hidden in the simple. In the love we give and receive by the people and in the people we choose. You can find happiness in the small and the simple.

The secret of happiness

How can you find happiness and be happy? The secret lies in the simple things:

Learn something new.

Smile. Laughter is medicine, for free.

Buy flowers. Put them in the jar. Have them at a point where you can see them.

Take care of yourself.

Read something nice in a quiet place.

When you drive, let someone get in front of you and smile at him/her.

Keep the door open for someone briefly. And someone will smile at you.

Don’t check your mobile phone constantly.

Listen to your favorite song and feel happy in 3 minutes.

Do you know that spending a few minutes writing 3 positive things each day will make you more optimistic and happy?

Get out and the fresh air will rejuvenate you.

Walk. A quick walk for 20 minutes reduces stress and makes you mood.

Put on something beautiful that suits you, wear your favorite color or your most comfortable shoes.

Eat fruits, vegetables and protein. When your body feels good, your brain will follow.

Practice, think positively, sleep well

Don’t look back. You will feel happy if you move away from the negativity of the past.

Send a message to a friend you have long to see. Or better call him/her).

Put forward a plan. The more you think about it, the happier you feel.

Stop comparing. Focusing on the things you have achieved is far more productive than comparing yourself to others.

Look at something cute, something beautiful, that makes you smile, makes you happier.

Think positively, no matter how bad things may seem.

Spend time with people who rejoice in you and support you in your losses.

Anger often steals your happiness. Don’t allow trifles to make you angry.

Be open and flexible to change.

Sleep well. Sleeping makes you happy.

Take short breaks. Short breaks refresh your thinking and make you more energetic.

Make your days worthwhile.

Take time for yourself, even if you do nothing.

Have a relaxing massage.

Dance, sing, take a walk

Dance, at every opportunity you find.

Sing in the bathroom.

Take a bike ride.

Let the sun caress your face.

Make a perfect meal

Organize an excursion, a short trip.

Breathe, correctly, late, methodically.

Lose two pounds. And look at it in the scales.

Sex. We all know how beneficial it is to our mental health.

Don’t apologize. Never. For anything.

Buy a gift for yourself.

Love yourself. And accept its weaknesses. And you will find happiness.

Although we can’t be happy all the time, you would be happier if you tried to do something (or all of that).

Always remember that: You can find happiness in the small and the simple.