There are many times when we give advice and prompts to our family and friends. However, you can inspire and motivate someone to follow a different path only with the example.

Words do not have the power of actions and the way you live. Therefore, in order to have power, they must also be accompanied by such acts.

The example followed by parents

The example to be followed is a tip for parents too. A child will not easily listen what you say to him. But he/she will follow your attitude and lifestyle much easier.

The same thing happens in every facet of life. We are not what we say. We are what we do. Because the gravity of an action goes beyond the content of the words.

And we leave our imprint with the way we choose to live.

The case of… influencers

You may have heard the term influencers again in the period of Social Media we live. They are people who have some influence in their place and usually a large number of followers.

The key word here is influence. You can inspire people with your inspirational words, but persuading them to follow your words needs something more powerful.

They need to see it in action in order to repeat it.

Don’t expect too much with the words

Have you ever heard your boss tell you he wants to be happy? However, he doesn’t give you the best opportunities to be…

Certainly there, you experienced the difference of speech from practice.

What you want to see in others must first start from you. It’s what we say that what you give in this life, it returns to you. It is a fact.

If you strongly support and act on what you believe in, you will be surrounded by people with a similar philosophy.

You can inspire only with the example

To be a man of actions. Words may be inspiring, but they get lost somewhere. You can inspire only with the example and see the change. Make sure your word is consistent with your actions.


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