What a nice thing to smile! How much power this magic expression holds in our face. Experts say it’s the natural medicine that makes the body (and our soul) feel good. Even if you don’t want it, the movement of your lips will stimulate, change your mood.

Smile and the world will seem more beautiful. Smile and the world will pay you back all this «magic Smile in life so that life «smiles» to you too. Smile even in the difficulties. Especially in the everyday difficult moments and the obstacles you face. Because it’s probably your biggest strength, sometimes it’s all you have!

Is there anything more wonderful?
Smile, because what’s more wonderful than a big, true, smile? A smile to your neighbor, to your colleague, to a passerby, to the driver of the car that overtakes you, to the stranger you entered together in the elevator. Smil at an elderly and repay a lovely childish smile. Because kids know this miraculous lip movement much better.

Smile at… yourself!
Smile often at… yourself. Yes, smile at yourself and make more beautiful your life, your world, with that magical smile. This will give strength to yourself and to those around you. Occasionally you will also receive strength and courage, if you believe it and you smile.

Smile, love, live…
Smile at every opportunity… Smile, love, live every moment. If your soul smiles and your heart beats hard, you will feel happy. It is also no coincidence that people who smile often are happier. This doesn’t mean that they have solved all their problems or that they don’t face adversities in their daily life. Instead, they have chosen a different way of approaching and coping with the difficulties in their life. They smile!

Optimism and positivity
Smile gives optimism and positivity in our life. It makes us think differently! It helps us see beyond any problem. It gives us more than one choice to solve the problems. And that’s because when we smile we feel strong and ready to handle everything.

Note: Remember that it takes less muscle to smile than to frown.