You’re already happy

Every person is looking for happiness. That should be everyone’s’ number one priority. Happiness is a state that we live in every day. It doesn’t just come and we meet it at the end of our journey. It’s the journey itself. And quite possibly, you have already found it and you’re already happy. Time to realize it.

Do this for the next 3 weeks

If you want to realize that you’re both happy and lucky, do this: for each day for the next 3 weeks, think of 3 things you’re grateful for. Things you value in your life. The things you know you’re lucky to have.

If you focus on these, you will see that you’re already on the right path to happiness. You will see that you already have happiness. 3 weeks is usually how long it takes the human brain to form a habit. When it gets used to your gratitude for what you already have, you too will begin to feel and realize how happy you are.

Be grateful

Not all people have basic goods. And certainly not everyone has what you have. And maybe even those who have everything you want to have, aren’t the happiest in the world.

This is because happiness comes from within. It isn’t affected by external factors. The way you perceive and react to certain things also shows how much you respect life itself.

If you keep a positive attitude and smile with what you already have, you will see that a person doesn’t need much to be happy.

Be happy with what you have

So, for the next few days make sure to remind yourself how happy and grateful you are for what you already have. If you can’t find 3 things that make you feel good, then try new things. And if you still can’t name 3 things, then maybe you should change the priorities you have and what you are looking for in this life a little.

Material things don’t really make you happy. This isn’t the real happiness. Your life attitude is.


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