You’re amazing, you just sometimes forget it

For some people it’s difficult to describe themselves. Take yourself for example. How easy is it for you to describe yourself on the spot? There’re so many adjectives you can choose: sensitive, good-natured, selfish and a thousand other options. After some time, you might start to blurt out everything that characterizes you. But are you going to say that you’re amazing? Because you really are, you just sometimes forget it.

Don’t forget your strengths

You are great, you just sometimes forget about it, you forget, because other things come first. You don’t have the time to think and you prefer to give more “importance” to work and all other obligations.

And every time the grey cloud looms over your life, you forget to remind yourself of your presence. You forget that you’re a person who wants to dream and love life as much as possible.

Always remember you strengths. Show yourself that you can do anything. It’s enough to want and know how far you can go. Every new step you take will get you higher and higher on the ladder of life.

Είσαι σπουδαίος απλά κάποτε ίσως το ξεχνάς

You’re amazing, you just sometimes forget it

Remind yourself in a variety of simple ways that your worth is immense. You’re capable of everything. Some things you can do better and others, a little clumsily.

That doesn’t matter at all. After all, nobody is born perfect. You can write down key words such as “smile”, “you can”, “keep going” and “don’t forget” every day on a note stuck to the mirror at home.

Repetition is often important. Learn to remind yourself that your goals can come true. Be it tomorrow, the day after or maybe even the next year.

You have a lot to teach both others and yourself

You’re great, because someone out there needs you. Someone awaits your phone call, while someone else “melts” when they see you and always runs to you for a kiss and a hug.

You teach yourself patience, courage and strength. How many times have you “pushed” yourself by saying, “keep going”, “you’ll make it”, “hold on a little longer”? How many times have you taken a deep breath and faced a situation that affected you and your close ones?

Truly, you are a wonderful person with unique character. You can accomplish a lot. So teach yourself and the world around you the lessons of life.

You’re awesome, don’t forget that.


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