Life is lived in the present

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend daily on unimportant stuff? You may reminisce about something from the past or dream about the future. Think about how many things you do automatically. So when during the day do you really have control? Your life is lived in the present, and that is where you need to focus.

Don’t dwell on the past

The past is there to be our guide to the present. Not to be a prison. Everyone makes mistakes but an even bigger mistake is to focus on the mistakes we’ve made. This allows them to take hold of our minds. It limits and prevents us from trying again and again until we succeed.

There is a reason why experience is such an important part of our lives and self-improvement. It’s because we prevail with knowledge gained. And we gain knowledge with the mistakes we make.

So, see your mistakes as a life lesson and learn from them. Learn not to repeat them – this is what makes us mature.

On the other hand, many dwell on the past because of some memories or nostalgia. Think of anything you want to keep alive as a memory but don’t get trapped by it.

Don’t hope for the future

Imagination is a great weapon. It even determines our own lives to some extent. But although we always have to imagine how we want things to go, there is no real substance to fantasy.

Imagination is different from fantasy. The latter constructs images of the future that will never exist. It creates circumstances for which there are no real goals. And therefore, we get trapped in something intangible.

There is no reason to do this to yourself. You can always set goals and make plans for how to achieve them. But living in a fantasy that doesn’t offer you something is worthless.

Live in the present

That’s why you have to live in the present. Don’t take your life for granted. Appreciate the moments and experience them. Enjoy them. Treasure them. And give them the attention they deserve.


Focus on yourself

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