At every moment of your daily life you will be confronted with various situations. Other positive, other negative, that definitely affect your mood. If you want to get well with the people, speak less than usual.

Many words are meaningless

When you talk a lot, you can inadvertently get into situations that don’t suit you. Perhaps something you say is spoiled as it is transmitted verbally.

This can put you in trouble that you certainly would not want. Nor would you want to be known as the person who always complains or has an opinion on everything.

We don’t say not to speak when you have something to say, but what you say to be the result of thinking.

Talk when you have something to say

When you choose to remain silent, you give no right to anyone. No one can accuse you of something you said.

Make sure your speech is constructive and leads to a conclusion. If it’s just saying something to complain or exacerbate a situation, you’d better say nothing.

Speak less to listen you more

People who speak less earn both attention and respect. When they have something to say, they will be heard. And often, their word will be taken seriously.

Those who have learned to listen have a better understanding of the reality they live in. This is because when they listen, they help their interlocutor by bringing him/her to the forefront and thus giving hims/her greater value.

Be careful where you speak

It is also an art to know whom to talk to and to whom not to speak. When you have a problem with someone, you can tell him. If you speak with someone about other people, no one will trust you because they will subconsciously believe that you will talk about them when they don’ t know it. Talk only to those you want to hear.

In your hand

Make sure you cultivate the ability to talk less and listen more. You will certainly reduce unpredictable problems and you will build credibility around your name.


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