One could call it a vibrant multicultural community. It is a multinational village with 320 permanent residents, since many people from different countries of the world prefer to stay in Lania because of its fresh air, climate and of course tranquility.

Lania as one of the villages of Cumandaria
This community belongs to Limassol Province and you find it just before the village of Trimilini. Before you even reach the village, you will feel calm and at energetic. Lania used to have 23 grape presses, so-called hippies. Is was one of the main occupations of the residents which brought a lot of income to the community. They picked the ripe grapes and, depending on the sunlight, left them in the sun for 10-15 days until they reached the presser.

It is said that the community was named after the daughter of Dionysus, the god of wine. Dionysus and his daughter Lana passed through the village, he reportedly tasted the community’s cumandaria, liked it and said he would give the village the name of his daughter. So Lana… Lania.

The multinational element of Lania
During your visit to the village offer a huge smile to the residents and I’m sure they will invite you for a hot drink in the main cafe. You will also meet people from other countries who will invite you for a shuttle championship and board games.

Harmony prevails in the relations between the foreign and the locals. You will note it when walking the streets of the village. Something very interesting is a small library, placed among traditional homes, in one of the community streets. It is a small room full of Greek and foreign-language books that offer locals and visitors a dose of relaxation.

Get your camera ready for great photos
One of the strongest elements of the community is the maintenance of the tradition. Walking down the streets, you will realize that the core of the village remains the same as it was 200 years ago. All the houses are traditional buildings, surrounded by colorful flowers.

So a trip to Lania will make you relax. Get prepared for the smells from the taverns. I suggest you begin your excursion early in the morning because you have a lot more to see in Lania. Paintings, candle sculptures, jewelry and much more. And it’s recommendable to prepare a small travel suitcase to stay in one of the accommodations available. You could also meet its great mayor, Michalis Papaelliseos, who will be with you in every step of the way in order to describe everything in the village.