The weekend is approaching and you don’t know what to do? Take your partner, your family or even your relatives and travel to a beautiful village in Nicosia District.

One could call it as mysterious Tembria sealed in the valley of Solea, in the green. It is 60 kilometers from Nicosia and it’s near Kaliana, Sina Oros, Galata, Kakopetria, Korakou, Evrychou, Flassoy, Lenou, Katidata and Agios Theodoros. About 500 permanent residents live there.

The three neighborhoods of Tembria and its churches

When you reach there, you find an important feature: its three neighborhoods, with the average village elevation ranging from 500 meters to 900 meters.

Kapesis and the memories of the inhabitants

Walking in the village, we searched for «Kapesis». Be sure that someone of the 500 residents will tell you a whole bunch of stories about Kapesis. It is a fountain on the River Clario which, along with other tributaries that surround it, gives colors and distinct sounds. It is located in the Lower Neighborhood and there is plenty of green, various trees, bridges, stairs, paths. When you visit that place, it is like being in a paradise landscape.

The olive trees and Tembria

It would be an incomplete trip to Tembria if they didn’t visit the mill, as well as the fields of many inhabitants, since many are engaged in agriculture. Tembria has a long history of olives and there were three olive mills, although today not many residents are involved in this agricultural product.

The dragons and the taps
Walking the streets of the village, a small and a larger dragon will make every visitor feel a mystery and a passion for exploring the place. The manufacturer of the two models is John Papacharalambous, a resident of the village. The occasion was given by the Dragon Fountain in Pera Neighborhood and the Gerovrisi located in the middle of the village. There was a tradition that if someone drank water from the source of the Dragon, he/she would stay in the village forever. So the artist took advantage of the source’s name and topography, and the supposed dragon cave is now in an oak and next to the dragon that seems to rest.