Trying to fit in too many things in a short amount of time, you run the risk of being disoriented. On the contrary, when you choose to focus on a single goal, you have less stress and fewer decisions to make.

Three reasons to push you to hunt just one goal are the following:

Less fear and insecurity

When you choose to play on multiple areas, then you are obviously more likely to see something go wrong. All even more, when you deal with one chapter and you have your mind on another. Sooner or later you will reach a burnout and the anxiety will overwhelm you. In such a case there is no calmness and clarity of mind to overcome the obstacles presented. According to the law of probabilities, therefore, focusing on a single goal reduces the margin of error from carelessness.


Set as a goal a good act daily!


You don’t rely on lists

When the tasks are many, then you inevitably need notes to remember everything. Using lists even in the supermarket will in the long run lead to memory deterioration. In addition, the paper is the last thing you want to worry about when you are on the verge of making important decisions. Instead, you need to save energy mentally and physically by leaving aside what refers to notes and lists in order to focus on where it really matters.

You find answers easier

Obviously when there are fewer questions, then searching for answers is simpler and easier. By choosing to focus on a single goal, then each answer is a brick in building the end result. Especially as you flirt with the tip of the iceberg, the questions that accompany the final steps are trickier and more difficult. Then it is necessary to concentrate all your energy on solving each problem one by one.



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