Gardening instead of proper training

There is something that exercises the body, relaxes the mind and ensures a series of other benefits that you may have never imagined. Even more so if you lead a sedentary life. And we aren’t talking about some new, impressive fitness trend, but rather about gardening. Gardening instead of proper training.

Working with plants is an excellent hobby. Not only to spend our free time pleasantly. Or to grow our own vegetable garden, even if a small one, from which you will draw raw materials for a healthy diet. But also to keep yourself in shape.

And those of us who don’t have a house with a yard or garden. Meaning most of us who live in cities, don’t to have to dismiss the idea either.

Having even a small balcony is enough to make it a fitness paradise.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gardening is comparable to mild-intensity cardiovascular exercise. Which can burn up to 300 calories in 30-45 minutes. However, even ten minutes of exercise a few times a week is important, the various studies point out.

Gardening is a complete workout

Gardening can be transformed into a complete fitness program that exercises several muscle groups at the same time.

It includes aerobic exercises such as mowing, raking, planting. As well as resistance exercises such as trampling, weeding and cutting branches.

Remember to use both hands alternating them in order to train both sides equally. E.g. instead of holding the rake in one hand, hold it for 5 minutes with one hand and 5 with the other.

Also, if you live on a floor of an apartment building, avoid using the elevator and carry bags of soil, fertilizer and pots while climbing the stairs.

This will allow you to strengthen the legs and tighten the glutes.

The unexpected benefits

It activates the metabolism and contributes to weight loss

In 30 minutes of gardening, a person weighing 65-70 kg can burn 150 calories. Burn 120 calories by mowing the lawn, or 190 by digging the soil. It should be noted that the heavier you are, the more you burn.

Exercises many muscles at the same time

Depending on the tasks at hand and the pace you maintain, gardening is the equivalent of a mild to moderately intense workout.

Which means that it helps to strengthen the heart, increase endurance and stimulate the muscular system.

For example, digging is an excellent resistance exercise that works the quads, thighs and glutes, core, shoulders and arms. At the same time, carrying the soil bags or moving the pots corresponds to a training with weights.

It relieves stress

Contact with nature is a first-class opportunity to decompress and put problems aside for a while. It relieves us of stress and makes us happier.

It controls blood pressure

The combination of gentle exercise and stress reduction is beneficial for heart health.

In fact, American research has shown that just half an hour of moderate physical exercise 4-5 days a week promotes the regulation of high blood pressure.

Bone strengthening

Being outdoors stimulates the production of vitamin D, which is essential for bone health.

Studies from the University of Arkansas have shown that gardening helps to prevent osteoporosis.

More specifically, the women who took part in the research and were involved in gardening, had lower rates of osteoporosis than those who performed other forms of exercise.

What you should do before you start:

Like all training, gardening requires a basic warm-up to avoid injuries. That’s why you must stretch your arms and legs as well as squats in order to warm up the muscles.

What to watch out for

*Avoid discomfort in the lower back, especially if you have had a long period of immobility. Start at a slow pace in the first few weeks and gradually increase the duration and intensity with time.

So, the first few times keep your center of gravity low and bend our knees when you need to bend down. This way you’ll strengthen the buttocks and legs, and protect the waist.

*When you lift heavy bags, use your buttocks and thighs and not your waist and back. Just like when doing the squats.

*Don’t forget to drink water. And at the end do some stretching for recovery.

What you’ll need

*In addition to gardening tools, wear clothing that doesn’t restrict your movements and gloves to protect your hands.

*Also don’t forget to wear sunscreen and a hat to protect the health of your skin against harmful solar radiation.


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